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PLAYER CONTACT [plurk.com profile] hrairoo or eastling burning red on AIM

CANON Fate/stay night. Route is Heaven's Feel.

LIVING AREA He basically doesn't have one, since he's actually a ghost and doesn't need to eat or sleep the same way living humans do (although he can if he wants to).
PHYSICAL NOTES About 6'1" and buff as hell. When it comes to his age, he looks to be in his late twenties or early thirties.

POWERS Creating tools or items out of nothing. Especially swords! Always swords. Strengthening existing objects (making them work better at their intended purpose). Analyzing the structure of objects. Having superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. Being a surprisingly solid (except when he wants to be intangible) ghost made of pure magic.
PINGS Archer is a Servant, a spiritual being made of magic, despite appearing solid. He will ping as something distinctly magical and superhuman.

OTHER NOTES Since Archer is from shortly before his death in Heaven's Feel route, he came to Sheol with his spiritual core damaged--that's the fundamental source of a Servant's existence and power. He would have faded away, but the robots patched it up with mechanics. This makes him a cyborg ghost, because that's awesome. I'm willing to be flexible on just what that means for roleplay purposes. For the most part, it's just a way to help enforce the power cap (the mechanical spiritual core processes mana more slowly than a normal magical one, making him need to be more careful how he expends his energy) and a bit of flavor.

BACKTAGGING Yes, though if it gets to be too long ago we should probably work out how things resolve.

FLIRTING AND OTHER ROMANTIC CONTENT Fine by me, though highly unlikely to get anywhere ICly without a lot of development.
VIOLENCE See above for notes on how overpowered Archer is, but I'm fine with it.
TELEPATHY Yes. Confer with me for details, but under most circumstances you'll receive a running dialogue of bitterness and self-loathing.
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"This is Archer. I really doubt you have any reason to be calling me. Well, please convince me not to delete your message immediately. Good luck."
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Sep. 6th, 2013 04:35 pm
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Name: White Swan | Archer
Age: About thirty
Team: Takshaka

Height/Build: A little under 6'2", really buff.
Hair Color/Eye Color: White hair, grey eyes.
Notable Traits: He is a spirit and will register as full of magic to anyone who can sense that sort of thing! That said, he's nevertheless completely solid and seems human enough to all ordinary investigation.


Aug. 23rd, 2013 12:58 pm
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Leave a comment here with your characters and usernames if you wish me to avoid tagging you. All comments are screened and will be kept private.


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« deliver here. »
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"You're calling this number for Rin Tohsaka, right? Leave a message and I'll tell you later how embarrassing her attempts to listen to it were."

[ pause, small sigh ]

"If you're calling for someone else, you probably have the wrong number, but this is Archer. Make it quick."
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Collar: violet
Room: 3-16
Roommates: Liquid Snake [AU], Ryuunosuke Uryuu

one [1] red jeweled pendant
full set of stainless steel cooking utensils
two [2] alternate outfits: this and this
one [1] pink apron
one [1] small plush cat
one [1] rice cooker (gained at Christmas)

[backtags] yes; I'll do my best but may sometimes need a reminder to continue a thread
[breaking the fourth wall] yes, if it's appropriate for the character in question, but unlikely to get a good response
[thread-jacks] yes, without needing to ask, if it's with close CR; otherwise, just ask first
[offensive or disturbing subject matter] yes

[hugging and other close friendly physical contact]
yes, but don't expect a good response
[kissing and other romantic contact] yes, but expect a bewildered response
[flirting] yes
[fighting] yes
[injury] yes
[death] yes, but confer with me first
[telepathy/mind-reading] yes, but talk to me about it first
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[ Most official sources you can find on Type-Moon character backgrounds can be pretty vague and confusingly translated. So I've compiled my take on Archer's background out of them here. ]

You will embrace a borrowed ideal that is not yours, and you will probably pursue it you die. )
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A note: this post contains lists of statistics about Archer both useful and useless. It is specifically about the version of him played at [community profile] capeandcowl and so leaves out a lot of abilities specific to him as a heroic spirit or Servant, because he got tossed into a regular old human body there. Some of it, in addition, is headcanon extrapolated from vague data in canon, although I'll try to indicate when this is the case. Needless to say, there will be spoilers here.

No, I will not quote the Engrish. )
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Archer's powers primarily revolve around storing images of melee weapons, particularly swords (and occasionally defensive items such as shields), in his mind and then creating them through magic and force of will when he needs to fight. Whenever he sees a new such weapon, he makes the attempt to stash its image in his mind for later retrieval in battle. Through this, he can even reproduce some of the special abilities of magical swords and shields, although they won't be as good as the original.

The same applies here in the City, but the 'Porter and the general vagaries of interdimensional contact have made it less reliable. Sometimes he just won't be able to copy something particularly tricky or unique about a new sword he sees here, and that's not even getting started on the powers. So if you have any characters with interesting melee weapons (with, of course, a focus on swords) or shields that you wouldn't mind Archer copying, it'd be great if you could fill out this form.

In addition, the same power that allows him to analyze weapons in order to copy them later lets him read the structure of objects and materials in general, even particularly unusual ones. If your character has some kind of special item that Archer's structural analysis ability would pick up something unusual from (or fail on completely), you can use this post to let me know about that as well.
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